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  • by: admin
  • aprile 17, 2017
Oku Biwako/Sakura/Ride

 Hanami Rides In Biwako

There is a lake named “Biwako” in Shiga pref., which is the biggest one in Japan. Lake Biwa, which is just over a hill from central Kyoto.

The lake supplies about 14 million people with its water.You can enjoy cycling around the lake.

About 230 kilometers in circumference, it is also one of the great rides in Japan.


“Hanami” is a Japanese tradition of enjoying and appreciating the blooming of the “sakura” (cherry blossoms) in early April which signals the end of winter and coming of spring.

The Japanese celebrate this event by throwing picnic parties under these beautiful soft-pink cherry blossoms trees.

And finally, falling of these cherry blossoms described as “sakura-fubuki” meaning “cherry blossom snowstorm”. Just sitting there, appreciating nature’s gift. It’s awesome!


Hanami season is a great time to visit Japan. You can really feel the culture.

So, come, come, We’ll show you around. Don’t forget  BIKE!


Places of Interest

・Ishiyama Temple

・Museum of Modern Art, Shiga

・Sagawa Museum of Art

・Azuchi Castle Archaeology Museum

・Hikone Castle

・Nagahama Roman Beer Brewery

・Ogoto Hot Spring


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